1965 National Flag to be Examined at the Galt Tuesday

Fifty years ago on February 15, 1965, Lethbridge joined communities across Canada in lowering the Red Ensign and raising the new national flag of Canada, the Maple Leaf.

The original flag used during that ceremony at City Hall, which was signed by participants and dignitaries after the historic event, is in the Archives collections at the Galt Museum & Archives.

Mr. Ray Petit, who was a firefighter at the time of the ceremony, will examine and review the names on the flag to see which participants may still be around. The goal is to identify any witnesses and potential photographs to be added to the Galt collection.

Ray Petit will also assist in providing details of the 1965 event to Glenn Miller, who will be leading this Saturday’s “Saturdays at 1:00” family program at the Galt Museum & Archives commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag.

Glenn Miller and Ray Petit will be available to speak with the media.

Anine VonkemanComment