Inaugural Chess Match

TUE JULY 30, 2013 | 11:00 am | Galt Museum South Garden

After months of planning, planing and working out the logistics, we are ready to unveil our Outdoor Chess Set in an Inaugural Chess Match! We are still rounding up our chess players, but members of the Chinook Woodturning Guild who created the larger than life pieces will be on hand to witness these 32 works of art become tools of the chess masters.

Following the Inaugural Chess Match, the set will be available on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons when Galt volunteers will have them available at the outdoor chess board in the Galt’s South Garden. Or, people can stop by at any time to sign them out from the Visitor Services desk at no charge—a credit card imprint will be required before the unique chess pieces can be sent outside.

The 32 chess pieces are made from 500 board feet of maple and walnut wood. Members of the Chinook Woodturning Guild devoted about 500 hours to the manufacturing process, and the work was spread between the home workshops of the volunteers.  


Anine VonkemanComment