Community Members Gift Cannon to the Fort

Lethbridge—Committed community members and their gracious donations are responsible for the return of an important part of the visitor experience of Fort Whoop-Up! It’s history with a boom at Fort Whoop-Up!

Local historian George Kush, Bill Peta from the Fort Whoop-Up Black Powder Club and the Galt’s Curator Aimee Benoit were instrumental in getting this project started. George Kush provided drawings and measurements of the original cannon used at Fort Whoop-Up in the 1870s. D & D Machine Works Ltd. in Lethbridge donated their time, skills, expertise, labour and materials to design and craft a brand new replica of the cannon that was originally stationed at Fort Whoop-Up in the 1800s.

“We are thrilled to have worked with historians, the Fort Whoop-Up Black Powder Club and D & D Machine Works to create a nearly exact replica of the cannon based on scale drawings and historical photographs of the original,” says Galt Curator Aimee Benoit. “The original Fort Whoop-Up had two cannons, one of which was mounted on a carriage and was fired to signal the arrival of trade goods from Fort Benton. This will help us interpret an important part the Fort’s history and bring back an exciting experience for visitors.”

The Galt and the Fort are very excited to have this new replica in place.

“D & D Machine is grateful for the continued support received from Lethbridge and the community of southern Alberta for the past 46 years.” says Owner Dennis Barbour, “As a thank you, it is our privilege to donate this replica cannon to Fort Whoop-Up.”

“This is an extraordinary gift from talented community members for all of us to enjoy,” says CEO/Executive Director Susan Burrows-Johnson. “The Galt and Fort Whoop-Up thank these local historians and Dennis Barbour of D & D Machine Works for their generosity and kindness.”

Media are invited to come to the Fort to hear about the history of the cannon and to watch the inaugural firing of the cannon at the Fort on July 18, 2019 at 10 am. Individuals involved with the project will be available for interview.