Celebrate 2017 | Canada 150 Presentation to Council

Tue OCT 14.14 | City Council afternoon meeting

The Board of Directors of the Galt Museum & Archives has formed a Celebrate 2017 ad hoc committee to spark activities among interested groups for Canada’s Sesquicentennial celebrations – the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017. Working with the community, the committee envisages a clearing house of ideas and synergy that will put 2017 celebrations into the history books.

The Celebrate 2017 Committee will present to City Council:

  • That planning to celebrate 150 years since Confederation is underway across the country and local and area residents and organizations can be a part of this important milestone in our country’s history;

  • A brief overview of what happened in Lethbridge for Centennial celebrations in 1967;

  • Awareness that although 2017 seems a long way off, many projects can be completed using the skills, dedication and support of local people and organizations without waiting for any announcements of potential funding from any level of government.

“How do you get involved? It’s as easy as putting heads together and coming up with grassroots ideas of how you would like to participate,” says Susan Burrows-Johnson, CEO/Executive Director at the Galt Museum & Archives. “Every idea has merit; every person and organization can contribute.”

Celebrate 2017 Committee members:

  • Dory Rossiter Celebrate 2017 Committee Chair

  • Chris Epplett Galt Museum & Archives Past Chair

  • Charleen Davidson Galt Museum & Archives Chair

  • Tracy McNab Galt Museum & Archives Vice Chair

  • David Gurr Galt Museum & Archives Treasurer

  • Susan Burrows-Johnson Galt Museum & Archives CEO/Executive Director

  • Chris Roedler Galt Museum & Archives Resource Development/Volunteer Coordinator

  • Leslie Hall Galt Museum & Archives staff [on leave]

Anine VonkemanComment