5 Avenue South Access to the Galt Closed

Photo courtesy Galt Museum & Archives: 19891068024

Photo courtesy Galt Museum & Archives: 19891068024


Commencing March 16, the only access to the Galt Museum & Archives will be from 4 Avenue South, off Scenic Drive only for the large part of an estimated 6-week construction schedule, while workers install a subsurface dewatering system around the perimeter of the historic 1910 Galt Hospital wing. 

  • Access to the Galt Museum & Archives from 5th Avenue South off Scenic Drive will be closed. Access will be provided to emergency vehicles and for garbage removal

  • Caterers and delivery trucks will be allowed access to the loading dock

  • Pedestrian access will be from the north side only

  • School groups will continue to be dropped off at the west end of the 4th Avenue rotunda. Access for school groups will be available through the east doors, and through the south emergency exit when the east doors are not accessible.

  • The very north end of the Galt Museum parking lot will be used as a construction staging area, all other parking will remain available to Galt visitors and staff

Following the installation of fencing around the 1910 building worksite on March 16, part of the roadway immediately north of the brick building will be dug up. The cement sidewalk to the north, east, south and west sides of the 1910 structure will then be removed to allow access to the foundation.

This is the first phase of a restoration project for the 1910 Galt Hospital building necessary to ensure its continuance as a provincial historic site.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this important work will cause our visitors, clients, and neighbouring residents,” says Evelyn Yackulic, Operations Manager at the Galt. “It is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the 1910 Galt Hospital building, and will be completed in as timely a manner as possible.”

The restoration project is funded in part by Alberta Historical Resources Foundation. Local architect firm RKH Architecture Ltd., a specialist in historic building restoration, is involved in the project, which will be carried out by Tollestrup Construction.

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