Photographing Material History

2018-07-11 140450.jpg

Yesterday, our collections team of staff and volunteers were excited to have local photography expert David Tanaka come and give them some training on best practices for photographic collections objects.

Photographing all the objects in the Galt's collections has been a monumental task that our Collections Technician Kevin MacLean has led for the past several years. There are 13,301 objects in the collection, and photographing each one is a time-consuming process that is essential for the public to access our collections online, and to document the condition of each object. So far 4,412 objects have been photographed, or 33% of our collections.

Photographing the objects is part of the documentation that accompanies each item in the collection. Other important elements of documentation include contextual or historical research, oral history interviews with object donors, physical descriptions of the objects and condition reports.

People can check out the all the objects in the Galt’s collection on the online database at