Blackfoot Language Classes on Offer at the Galt

2018-06-21 170717.jpg

Lethbridge – Oki, Kitohkanaiksimatsimohpinnaan or Hello, We Greet You All!

Starting this September, the Galt Museum & Archives will host a set of introductory level classes to allow the public to learn the Blackfoot language with instructor Julius Delaney. Delaney helped develop Blackfoot language curricula for the Kainai Board of Education. Now he will be presenting this ten-session Blackfoot language course for members of the public.

“Over the past decade, the Galt Museum & Archives has hosted many Indigenous exhibits and programs,” says Marketing and Communications Officer Graham Ruttan. “These have included our past exhibit Kaahsinnooniksi Ao'toksisawooyawa Our ancestors have come to visit: Blackfoot Shirts, ongoing community programming for all ages with our Blackfoot Cultural Interpreter Blanche Bruised Head, as well as our recent Blackfoot History program launched last fall. These exhibits and programs have become increasingly popular offerings at the Galt.”

“As a public historical institution, we are committed to equity in presenting the history and culture of our region for the public,” says Executive Director Susan Burrows-Johnson. “We are also committed to addressing the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and to help preserve and keep alive the culture and traditions of the Blackfoot people. Language is an important part of culture. Many experts and Elders have noted that language preservation is essential to cultural heritage preservation.”

The Blackfoot Language classes will be held at the Galt Museum & Archives every Thursday evening from 7 to 8 pm, between September 20 and November 22.