Special Event: Indigenous Bridges

Lethbridge, AB–Fort Whoop-Up is pleased to present traditional music and dance performances by the Blackfoot Nation and the Ainu People of Japan. The Ainu performers are part of Ainu Art Project, a larger group consisting of 23 members in total, which expresses traditional Ainu culture via dance, music and handcrafts. The Blackfoot Drum Group is the Yellow Gun Singers, with dance performances by Jeremy Oka and others.

The Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary is pleased to welcome members of the Ainu Art Project to Alberta. The Ainu are an indigenous people that predominately hail from Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido. Their trip to Alberta is a testament to the strong sister-province relationship that Alberta and Hokkaido share. Three members of the Ainu Art Project are coming to Alberta to promote the Ainu’s unique culture and thereby improve global understanding and awareness of Japan’s indigenous cultures.

The Consulate-General of Japan has partnered with the Galt Museum & Archives and the Blackfoot Nation to host a special cross-cultural event called Indigenous Bridges. The partnership hopes to entertain and educate with traditional musical performances that highlight and contrast the unique cultures of indigenous peoples in Canada and Japan, from which a theme of unity can be found.

Fort Whoop-Up Site Coordinator, Natasha Gray says, “We look forward to welcoming community this very special one-of-a kind event on AUG 11. We look forward to an afternoon of bridging cultures.”For more information visit https://fort.galtmuseum.com. Admission fees apply. Admission is free for Fort Whoop-Up Annual Pass holders.

Graham RuttanComment