Immigrant Settlement in Lethbridge

Lethbridge, AB – This month Lethbridge will be welcoming Syrian refugees as they take their first steps to establish a new life in Canada. This will be the latest chapter in the tradition explored by the Changing Places: Immigration and Diversity exhibit in the Main Gallery at the Galt Museum & Archives. On DEC 16, Galt guest presenter, Sarah Amies, Director of the Immigrant Services department of Lethbridge Family Services, will provide an overview of the recently arrived immigrant groups in Lethbridge and talk about their challenges and successes.

Sarah will also discuss the preparations Immigrant Services is making to welcome Syrian refugees to our community. Galt Museum Community Program Coordinator, Janae Redgrave explains, “Our Wednesdays at the Galt program provides the perfect opportunity to explore topics related our exhibits and local history. Changing Places: Immigration and Diversity looks at the stories of individuals who have immigrated to Lethbridge and the individuals and organizations who are involved with immigrant communities. I’m excited to hear Sarah Amies share more about the role Lethbridge Immigrant Services plays in welcoming and supporting immigrants in our community.”

Admission to the talk also includes access to the Galt exhibit Changing Places: Immigration and Diversity. After attending the lecture, visitors can explore and discover the poignant first-hand accounts in the exhibit from community members who immigrated from one country and now call Lethbridge home.

For a preview of Sarah’s insight on the topic visit This video is an excerpt from the exhibit Changing Places: Immigration & Diversity.

Graham RuttanComment