Prairie Junegrass


Junegrass is a good forage grass that occurs in scattered stands. It grows 10–50 cm high with a spike-like flower cluster up to 10 cm long that is pale green tinged with purple. After the seeds have set, the entire seed stalk becomes golden yellow. (Van Bruggen 10)


Growth habit and range: This is a densely tufted, erect, cool season grass which grows to a height of 10–50 cm. It is widespread on the grasslands of the prairies.

Description: This grass shows blue-green blades which are 1–4 mm in width, and flat to curled inwards on the edges. The blades may be hairy, and they display a blunt tip. The flowers occur in a 3–10 cm long, narrow panicle which is spike-like. Each seed is 3–4 mm in length. 


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