Fort Whoop-Up


Fort Whoop-Up programs are only available from May 7 to June 30.


Learn about the traders, Indigenous people, Metis and NWMP who worked and lived at Fort Whoop-Up after it was constructed in 1869.

Length: 90 minutes      Cost: $45

This program can be adapted to address many outcomes in all grade levels. Some of the areas of connection in the Social Studies curriculum include:

K.1.4 Exploring how we demonstrate respect for ourselves and others by exploring and reflecting on the origins of people in our school and community and showing interest in the diversity of our school and community

 1.2.1  Appreciating how stories and events of the past connect us to the present and recognizing how Aboriginal communities are integral to Canada’s character

 2.2.2 Appreciating how Aboriginal people have influenced the development of our community

2.6.2 What were the reasons for the establishment of their community (e.g., original fur trade fort, original inhabitants)? 

4.2.1 Demonstrate respect for places and objects of historical significance

4.2.2  Which First Nations originally inhabited the different areas of the province? 

5.2.4  Examine, critically, ways of life of the fur traders

7.1.4  Assess, critically, the economic competition related to the control of the North American fur trade