Looking for centenarians or those close to 100 - people, businesses, etc.


As September draws near, the committee planning the Galt Hospital exhibit opening, the community day, the Galt Babies Birthday Party and the building's centennial, is getting busier!

On September 26th we will be celebrating all of the above in one day! Galt Babies will be the guests of honour, invited to come see the hospital and the related exhibit; everyone will be able to enjoy cake and activities; and all of this will be free for the community!

But there is one thing missing - we are trying to find people, businesses and organizations who also will be celebrating their 100th birthday in 2010, or have recently (last few years) celebrated that exciting birthday, and even those whose 100th is coming up in the next few years! We want you to be a part of this day so we can see what and who was coming to life as our beloved hospital (museum nowadays) was being opened!

If you know of anyone/a business or organization that fits into this, please have them contact Lori at 403.320.4219. As well, Galt Babies need to be known by us to ensure they receive their invitation so let Lori know of any Galt Babies you know so we can check our records to ensure we have the most current contact information for those who were born in this building!

Oh and mark Sun Sept 26th in your calendar - you'll want to stop by that day!