the passage of time...


Well hello, it's nearing the end of February already! Since our last post, we have discovered that actually participating in our own blog is a good idea... it's a live and learn world dontcha know! Our friendly and knowledgable staff will be participating in this endeavour - look for new posts on a weekly basis and please feel free to ask us questions - we'll be asking you for your opinion too.

The slideshow on the left is fed by Weddings, retirement parties and other great events are held in our Viewing Gallery regularly... if you have flickr photos of your event or of your visit to the Galt with your family you'd like to see as part of the mix, please tag them with "galt museum" and they will show up.

Have you checked out our Facebook groups? There is one for

Galt Museum & Archives as well as one for Galt Volunteers & Staff - feel free to join, or if you wish, become a fan of the Galt here

Oh, look at the time...



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