Order Archival Prints

You can easily order prints of our archival photos from the collections database. Just search for the images you want in our database, and send it to the archives in our form below. If you want to order several different prints or multiples of one print in different sizes, you can also email your request directly to archives@galtmuseum.com.

Name *
Please select the size of the print you wish to order. For prices please see our archive print fees for rates.
Please include the accession number of the item you wish to order.


5” x 7”: $10
8” x 10”: $15
11” x 14”: $20
13” x 19”: $25
17” x 22”: $30

Digital file - medium resolution: $10
Digital file - high resolution: $15

Digital Files

Map: $24
Audio Recording: $17
Video Recording: $28