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Uncovering Secrets: Archaeology in Southern Alberta

Come marvel at the secrets hidden in your backyard! The land of southern Alberta is full of stories about our past - fortunately, there are people who know how to interpret what they find.

Archaeology is a fascinating way to discover the human stories hidden under the soils and across the landscape of southern Alberta.

Archaeologists uncover bison bones that are 11,000 years old by digging several metres under the prairie grasses. They excavate depressions that turn out to be garbage dumps and privies to learn about the people who lived in a coal mining town in the Crowsnest Pass.

Dart points found in conjunction with ancient animal bones uncovered by erosion, family belongings unearthed in the remains of an historic ranch building, and surveys compiled of human and animal figures carving into stone help us understand those who lived here before our time.

Blackfoot oral traditions provide a fascinating perspective to all that archaeologists present.