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Recollecting Home


Curated by Aimee Benoit

What do a 1930s guitar, a mid-century silk wedding gown, and a hundred year old soccer ball have in common? Aside from sharing space in the Galt Museum’s collections vaults, these objects were all chosen for this exhibit by members of the community because they reminded them of home.

Recollecting Home explores the idea of “home” through individuals’ connections to objects. Alongside a range of personal memories of childhood and family, this exhibit will also present artwork by Kainai youth that reflects Blackfoot perspectives of home.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the nostalgia of familiar household sounds, smells and objects, while considering the more complex connections we have with people and places. Discover a range of voices that reflect the diversity of southwestern Alberta, and consider what home means to you.

Exhibit Grand Opening

Our Exhibit Grand Opening, held on January 1, was a huge success. Enjoy the photos of this event.