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Once Upon A Time... Knights, Castles & Common Folk

Once Upon A Time... Knights, Castles and Common Folk is organized and curated by Bruce County Museum & Archives in Southampton, Ontario.

A unique exhibit showcasing life during the years 1000 to 1500 AD with special focus on two of the enduring symbols of the age: the Cathedral and the Armoured Knight.  All aspects of medieval life are featured, from monks and monasteries to the feudal system, architecture, games and pastimes, and the crusades.

Learn about the invention of the clock, trade with exotic and distant countries, chain mail worn as protection.  Explore the medieval grocery store.  Try out the prisoners’ stocks.  You might even become a knight...

Also included are models of Lincoln Cathedral, Notre Dame Cathedral, a stone manor, a peasant's home, catapults, sundials and more, donated by  staff and students from the Department of Architectural Science and Landscape Architecture, Ryerson Polytechnical University, Toronto.