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Fifties Forever

This exhibition has been organized and circulated by the Glenbow Museum, Calgary Alberta

The following text is an excerpt from the exhibit’s fact sheet booklet:

A station wagon pulls into the driveway of the lovely brick split-level. At the door, is the wife, waiting to greet her hubby after a long day in the city. Life here in the suburbs is so peaceful. As he enters the door, his teen-age daughter turns down the hi-fi and his son, Junior rushes to greet him.

Meet the Jones Family

Welcome, folks, and meet the family. Life is good here in the suburbs. We’ve got everything we want and need, although the wife says different.

Talk about security. We now have a home of our own - mortgaged to the hilt - a neighbourhood playground, lots of kids for our kids to play with. Everyone is having kids these days. They’re calling it a baby boom. You want to talk convenience? We;ve got a front driveway, a shopping centre close by, all the latest gadgets for house and yard. Comfort? We’ve got it all: a back patio for entertaining, a basement rumpus room for the whole family. There’s a new Buick - set me back $2500 - a new hi-fi, a TV, an automatic washer, fancy barbecue to wow the neighbours, even an electric organ for the kids’ music lessons. All bought on the installment plan, of course, but I’m in line for a promotion one of these days. Business is booming for the construction industry. Yes, we’ve got it made.

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