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Egypt, Gift of the Nile

A travelling exhibit organized and circulated by the Royal Ontario Museum.

In response to public interest in exhibits focusing on other civilizations, the Galt Museum & Archives presents the travelling exhibit Egypt, Gift of the Nile.

The Nile River Valley of 6000 years ago was the birthplace of a remarkable civilization. Protected from foreign invasion by vast deserts and sustained by fertile soil along the river, the ancient Egyptians developed from a single agricultural community into a sophisticated society. Under a system of divine kingship, this civilization flourished and endured for thousands of years and contributed to the later cultures of the Mediterranean and Europe.

Explore Egyptian civilization through authentic artifacts and centres focusing on Personal Adornment, Make-up and Perfume, Feeding the Household, Buildings Large and Small, Family Life, Education, Religion, Funerary Religion and the Afterlife.  Interactive stations on hieroglyphics and archaeology are also included.