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What a privilege it is to host the Akaitapiiwa/Ancestors exhibition at the Sir Alexander Galt Museum & Archives! The exhibition has provided us with the opportunity to collaborate with so many different organizations, but most of all with Red Crow Community College.

It is my belief that a museum’s mandate is to connect the past to the present and future. By doing so we learn so much about our culture not only as a nation but also as a unique group within the nation. This exhibition gives us an opportunity to understand an important cultural event within the Kainai/Blood, the Sundance. It also identifies the ancestors of those who live in southern Alberta today—And who still participate in the Sundance.

I would like to acknowledge these elders who provided advice on the shaping of the exhibition:

Rose Red Crow

Rufus Good Striker

Pete Standing Alone

Margaret Hindman

Donald Black Plume

Andy Blackwater

Adam Delaney

Bruce Wolf Child

Bernard Tallman

Harold Healy

Alfreda Delaney

Winston Day Chief

Mary Stella Bare Skin Bone

Rita Tallman

Jean Healy

Celina Good Striker

I would also like to acknowledge the work of our Guest Curator, Arni Brownstone, who worked on this exhibition while continuing his full-time job at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), and Jonathan King, Curator of the North America Collections at the British Museum (BM). The strong support from the Rom and the BM management has significantly contributed to the success of the exhibition. The enthusiasm of the Board of Directors of the The Galt and the City of Lethbridge’s Mayor and Alderman and Staff, has been a great support over the three year project.

Special thanks to our sponsors and patrons who have given us the financial support required of such a large exhibition. And thanks to all those who have participated in any way in planning, developing, constructing, marketing, and presenting the exhibition

Wilma Wood
Project Manager
Director 1999-2002