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The Galt Museum & Archives is renowned for its educational and community programming. Our classes introduce students from preschool to Grade 8 to the history of Lethbridge and southern Alberta. Using real and replica artifacts and documents, we help students to explore the history and culture of our region. 

Our current Museum Educator is Ashley Henrickson. She has a BA/BEd degree in social studies and is completing her MA degree in history. Many of our programs were created by renowned local historian Belinda Crowson, our past Museum Educator.

Over the past decade, our Museum Educators have brought over a hundred thousand students through the Galt Museum & Archives. Our peak months are May and June, but we generally have space to accommodate classes throughout the early spring and fall months.

To find out more about the programs available for school classes, visit our education website at

Program Details

Request a Program

You can request the education programs noted on this website during the school year. The Galt Education Program Calendar is updated at the end of each day. Please only select dates that you have checked for availability. All requests are received by Museum Educator who will respond to requests on a first come first serve basis. Our Educator teaches during the day and will respond to requests later in the afternoon or early in the morning. 


Our Museum Educators teach thousands of students at the Galt and Fort Whoop-Up each year. We have been able to offer partial subsidies for in‑town buses. With increased budget constraints, as with other field trip destinations in and around Lethbridge, we will no longer be paying for in-town busses as of June 30, 2019. This change will help us to maintain access and high quality service for schools to all our programs, including Fort Whoop-Up.

We have been pleased with your response to the efficiencies our new website has brought to the booking programs. We will continue to enhance educational programming for schools and students. We are excited to continue to offer a subsidized rate of $45 for classes to visit any of our teaching sites.

Note: Lethbridge Transit can not provide busing on WEDNESDAY or FRIDAY afternoons

Students at the Galt

This chart shows the number of students attending education programs at the Galt Museum & Archives.

Availability Calendar

This calendar displays program spots that already booked. Please request dates which are not already booked.

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Register for Heritage Fair

Southern Alberta Heritage Fair

Heritage Fair is a great opportunity for students to share their passion for history!  Students in grade 1–9 research a historical topic of their choice and then present this research to judges and community members at the Galt Museum & Archives.

 The 2020 Southern Alberta Heritage Fair will be held on May 2; more details will be announced in the new year.

Judges speak with participants about their Heritage Fair projects.

Judges speak with participants about their Heritage Fair projects.

Why Participate

  • Share your passion for history

  • Improve your research skills

  • Practice public speaking skills

  • Participate in sessions throughout the day

  • Share your research

Young Citizens

If you chose to make a video for your Heritage Fair project you can also submit the video to the Young Citizens competition! Students must be aged 10-18 to compete in Young Citizens.