Water for the Prairies



Students will explore how irrigation affected the history and development of southern Alberta and use their technical skills solve problems. 

Length: 90 minutes      Cost: $45

Written to complement the Grade 5 Social Studies curriculum, Water for the Prairies looks at subjects as diverse as the use and conservation of a natural resource, the link between immigration and irrigation, and the economic role irrigation has played in southern Alberta. The program addresses the following curriculum objectives:

5.1.1 Value Canada’s physical geography and natural environment

  • Appreciate how the land sustains communities and the diverse ways that people have of living with the land.

5.1.2 Examine, critically, the physical geography of Canada

  • How do landforms, bodies of water and natural resources affect the quality of life in Canada?

5.1.3 Analyze how people in Canada interact with the environment

  • In what ways do natural resources and the physical geography of a region determine the establishment of communities?

  • How are natural resources used, exchanged and conserved in Canada?

5.2.1 Appreciate the complexity of identity in the Canadian context

  • Acknowledge the contributions made by diverse cultural groups to the evolution of Canada.