Downtown Lethbridge Treasure Hunt

Accession numbers: 19901049022 (top), 19640156003 (bottom).

Accession numbers: 19901049022 (top), 19640156003 (bottom).


Accession number: 19640156003.


History isn't just in the museum! Meet our staff at Galt Gardens to learn about the history that is all around us. From bedbugs in hotels to popcorn on the street; downtown Lethbridge has many stories to tell!

Length: 90 minutes      Cost: $45 per class

The Grade 2 curriculum asks students to compare an Inuit, Acadian and  prairie community in Canada. Why not choose the prairie community in our back yard! This program helps student learn about the built heritage and development of our community.

2.26Analyze how the community being studied emerged, by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions for inquiry :

  • What are the origins of their community?

  • What individuals or groups contributed to the development of their community?