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Changing Places

Changing Places: Immigration & Diversity

When people emigrate from one country to another they physically change places. This also means their new home will change because of their presence. This exhibition will gather the stories of why people decided to leave their home country post Second World War to very recently, and how Lethbridge and southwestern Alberta have changed because of the contributions they make to the community.

Developed by the Galt Museum & Archives


until JAN 24.16
Main Hallway

Two Gun: A Self-taught Artist

until FEB 07.16
Lower Hallway

Rural Prairie Cemeteries

until FEB 25.16
Servus Credit Union
Learning Studio

Archives exposed... Just Passing Through

Coming Soon ...
Recently Shown
Fire & EMS
A Legacy of Adventure & Art: Miss Edith Fanny Kirk
Voices from the Engraver
Permanent Exhibit: Exploring Southwestern Alberta

We like adding new features and surprises to the Permanent Exhibit - like our People on the Wall Podcasts, the Pete Standing Alone story, the updated NWMP story featuring Old Buck, and the new artifacts in the Drop of Water exhibit.

Pick up a Treasure Hunt at the information desk when you visit to find what's new!

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In the 5000 square foot Discovery Hall kids of all ages are immersed in the history of Southwestern Alberta with our permanent hands-on exhibits.

Experience the culture of the Kainai people. Take a virtual plane ride over the undulating prairie landscape. Dig up the history of the local coal mines. Duck under a giant replica of Lethbridge's famous High Level Bridge to discover immigrants, soldiers, law makers and breakers… There’s so much to see, do and touch!

Be sure to visit often so you can see the changes, and enjoy special exhibits both from across North America and designed in-house.


located in the
Kainai Dance Arbour:

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Community input
We are busy tabulating the results and creating a schedule of exhibits for 2016-2018... stay tuned for details!  
As a collaborative, community-focused museum we asked for your input of topics YOU feel are interesting and important for our 2013-2015 Special Exhibit Schedule. 75 people provided over 100 ideas! Here are the results...
Special Exhibits:

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Religion in the Bible Belt Arts of China Woven in Time: 65 Years of the Handicraft Guild
ArtWalk 3D Sculpture Exhibit Treasures & Curiosities: The Sequel also showing 2014
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Uncovering Secrets: Archaeology in southern Alberta      
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      Uncovering Secrets: Archaeology in southern Alberta
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Fakes and Forgeries exhibit      
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Dinosaurs & Company: OCT 17 - JAN 31, 2010   Science Alberta Slap Shot and Hurry Hard exhibits   Treasures & Curiosities: FEB 13 - MAY 2010   Our ancestors have come to visit - Blackfoot shirts: JUN - AUG 2010
Galt Hospital - 100 years: SEP - DEC 2010       Fakes and Forgeries exhibit
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Everett Soop - Journalist, Cartoonist, Activist: JAN 31 - APR 26, 2009   In Pursuit of Fair Trade   The Mighty Bridge: MAY 9 - SEP 20, 2009   Dinosaurs & Company: OCT 17 - JAN 31, 2010
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Auschwitz: the Eva Brewster Story

Pat Grayston Polska, Krain Przodkow
The  Vanishing Landscape
for details, contact Curator Wendy Aitkens
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CLOSED SEP 2004 through MAY 5.06


  Fifties Forever MAY 6 to SEP 17.06   Under a Prairie Sky: Festival of Quilts VII, SEP 23 to JAN 7.07   Teddy Bear Christmas NOV 17 - JAN 07.07
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Coming soon...
Special Exhibits
Curriculum coordinated school programs


Wendy Aitkens, Curator
Tel: (403) 320.3907
Email: wendy.aitkens

Brad Brown
Exhibit Designer
(403) 320.4066

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